PRAYERS OF A VILLAGE Devotions for Adoptive Families

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Randall Nichols
Jul 15, 2017

Good Questions


Desirée offered up some geat points for discussion. I’m just gonna copy them all below. I’d love to hear thoughts on all, some, or even just one of these below. As adoption advocates, these questions deserve more than cookie cutter responses. They deserve to be examined, considered, and ultimately deserve a response.


  1. How can we ensure all those who could care for orphans actually do?

  2. How can we ensure there aren‘t enough kids to go into all the loving foster and adoptive homes that were ready and waiting to love on those sweet ones?

  3. How can we ensure the cost of adoption is never an issue because of the number of donations adoption agencies received?

  4. How can we ensure that we open not only our homes and hearts, but our health insurance to children with special needs?

  5. How can we ensure families who are called to adopt can afford to do so because grants and financial support is so abundant

  6. How can we ensure older orphans are sought out and welcomed into loving homes to become active and healthy and beloved adults?

  7. How can we ensure those with skills and passions and creativities (not necessarily related to adoption) use them to help support adoptive families?

  8. How can we ensure birth mothers are overwhelmingly supported and loved on when they chose to place their sweet child in a protected home? Or better yet, are provided all the emotional and practical support then needed to parent their own child in a healthy way?

And go...