PRAYERS OF A VILLAGE Devotions for Adoptive Families

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Kelley Smith Nichols
Sep 12, 2017

Red Sea Road


We said yes to a medically complex newborn baby and then had 5 days (FIVE DAYS!!!) to squeeze in two homestudy visits, fingerprinting, and a physical, along with prepping to get a baby (as our youngest was 4.5 yrs old and we had ZERO baby things), organize cross-country travel details, including a place to stay for 4-6 weeks AND fund a fairly pricy adoption. In FIVE days.


We had no clue how we'd be able to accomplish it all. And so we prayed and God showed us what we lovingly call, our Red Sea Road. This wasn't traveling on an unfamiliar road...there literally was no road visible! So we gave God our yes and then He parted the seas. Our social worker moved mountains to get our homestudy done, and people gathered baby things, and friends offered their home and got us a car, and people gave generously to fund our adoption.


I don't know what path you are on. Maybe you feel God leading you down an uncertain path. Maybe you feel trapped, with no way out. The road may be hidden. But you can trust that God will make a way. Sometimes you must make the first step in faith.


What does your view currently look like? Are you facing an angry sea in your path? What does your first faith step (or leap of faith) look like?