PRAYERS OF A VILLAGE Devotions for Adoptive Families

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Lauren Childers
Aug 28, 2017

Find your tribe


"The Tribe is there to support, encourage, challenge, chafe, and sharpen. When the battles are real, an experienced tribe knows how to pray. when the practical needs are immediate, an engaged Tribe moves in quickly. When emotions are raw, Tribal shoulders are strong. When the victories seem small, the Tribe is the loudest cheering section."


The most frequent thing I hear from other adoptive parents, other special needs parents, other new parents, or just any parents is how lone we all feel. For three years I was a leader in a Mothers Group at our local church. The moms of preschoolers were particularly desperate for gathering with other adults. The moms of children with special needs wanted to feel understood. We all wanted a tribe- people who cared about us and our families in the best way possible. The number one thing people are looking for in a church is to belong to a community. We are made for community.


How do you find your tribe? Do you have a tribe? How did they come together?



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  • Lauren Childers
    Aug 28, 2017

    The best thing about tribes is how they show up big and love hard. How does your tribe love you? What does that mean to you? What ways are you needing this Village to love you hard this week?