PRAYERS OF A VILLAGE Devotions for Adoptive Families

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Desiree White
Aug 8, 2017

We trust you


Have there been days in your adoption journey that you have to force your mouth to say these words even though your heart and mind don't believe it right then? You know that's ok, right? Don't let the Devil use that against you. It's not a lack of faith. It's clinging the TRUTH when everything in and around you is screaming "Are you nuts?! Get outta there!" King David did the same. Over and over again he made his mouth declare truths while he waited for reality to catch up. So when you #can'teven, force your body to speak the truth, write the truth, sing the truth, breath the truth, yell it between your tears if needed. God's reality will prevail. He WILL be glorified in our trust.