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Desiree White
Aug 8, 2017

Am I Mordecai-ing enough?


I've been giving the story of Esther a new look through the eyes of her uncle/forever dad, Mordecai. Single working adoptive father...say what???!!! That alone is amazing. But to keep his new young daughter so connected to her culture that she would, as an adult, ultimately save them from annihilation...I mean, come on. How do I even live up to that? I've given myself a mental pat on the back when I've put chopsticks on the table for our very real NOT Chinese food dinner. #generaltso Or when we make any effort to see the dragon parade for Chinese New Year. This isn't a guilt post, because of course full cultural immersion is not always possible in a trans-racial family. But I have to ask myself, am I raising my young Asian child in such a way that he is passionate about his people? If the Lord calls him back to China in the future, will he be able to love one, some, all so much they avoid annihilation? Am I Mordecai-ing enough for my child's 'such a time as this'?