PRAYERS OF A VILLAGE Devotions for Adoptive Families

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Desiree White
Aug 8, 2017

Drowning in the WHYs


I'm a kinda girl that likes answers. It's a large part of my personality and helps me be successful in my job. I have to believe that the Lord planted that level of curiosity and problem solving in me. ie: It's His fault that I need answers! So when He leaves me drowning in the whys, I find myself a bit hurt. As if the Lord is withholding a piece of Himself from me. I have to choose to not become bitter against the very One who is saying "I love you enough to not tell you right now; you are going to just have to trust Me."

How do you maintain your trust in Him when you are drowning in the whys?

Does not having answers push you away or pull you closer?